🌱How To Eat Vegan On A Budget🌱

veganMany people suffer from the misconception that becoming a Vegan means higher grocery bills for less actual food, but I am here to show how that mentality is completely false! (Video at end of post)

Everyday new videos are being uploaded to YouTube, and many of them are Vegan What I Eat In A Day‘s or Grocery Haul‘s. While these videos are AMAZING for the Vegan community, and at spreading awareness that our lifestyle is trending right now, I feel that they lack a certain appeal to the countless families/individuals living on tight budgets. The food that is depicted in these videos can seem too healthy or intimidating for new Vegans and more often than not are not kid-friendly. Some of the ingredients are just down right overpriced and unnecessary in my opinion which is what lead me to develop Thrifty Vegan.

With this series, I hope to show that Veganism can be healthy, comforting and most importantly affordable. In my first episode, I take you along with me on a trip to Dollar Tree where I find a ton a yummy Vegan food for only a DOLLAR!! Yes, folks…a dollar! Here in this second episode I share with you how I meal plan and grocery shop for a week or so of groceries for my family of three. It all starts with a dry erase board and some peppermint tea to relax the mind as I brainstorm. Here’s what it looks like for me:

  • Brew my tea and wipe down my board for a fresh week of meals.
  • I gather the ads for the week at my desk and flip through them taking notice of the deals that appeal to me that week.
  • I sit down and think about the schedule ahead of us…appointments, classes, practice, school etc. By doing this I know when I will be home and what days may be a crock-pot kind of day or a vegan feast one. 🙂 If you need to, look at your schedule on your phone or desk to refresh your memory.
  • After I’ve figured out any pertinent dates, I begin with breakfasts. I try to be as realistic as possible. So during the week we have a lot of oatmeal, cereal or smoothies before school and on the weekends we have larger breakfasts. This helps me to not over buy things that will go bad and end up in the trash.
  • I do the same for lunches and dinners, keeping in mind that dinner always doubles as the next day’s lunch for my hubby and daughter.
  • I try to think of meals that I know with a few new recipes thrown in for fun so that I can get food on the table asap!
  • After this, I make the list on my favorite family app so far called Cozi. It’s the best for schedules, lists and recipes and can be downloaded by the whole family so everyone can see what’s going on.
  • Then I hit the grocery store with list in hand (or in phone hehe) and leave with this satisfied feeling of knowing I completed something! I love it!

This entire process does not take long for me at all when I get into the swing of things and you can check out my video if you’d like to plan with me! I am also more than willing to share any recipes you guys would like with my specialty being inexpensive and home-style cooking! I can even break down the prices for you if that is something you would like to see. This series is meant to show that Veganism does not only mean acai bowls and cacao brownies! It’s here for new and old Vegans who share a passion in making this lifestyle accessible to everyone!