🌿Earthling Beauty Review🌿


Earthling Beauty founder, Jill Volat, cultivating change at her non-profit The Edible Apartment based in LA, CA.    *Photo courtesy of The Edible Apartment*

Today, I wanted to follow up with a video I made a few days ago reviewing a cruelty-free company called Earthling Beauty run by green beauty entrepreneur Jill Volat.  They specialize in sourcing “organically grown ingredients from family owned farms and apiaries, the products are 100% natural, chemical & cruelty free and completely handmade”. The breakthrough skincare line also works alongside a non-profit organization, The Edible Apartment, that strives to create urban farms in the LA area. Not only is the skincare great but the morals behind the company make it a leader in the beauty industry.


After months of holding a microscope to the product and noting its triumphs and downfalls, I am happy to report that the positives far outweigh the negatives. I have given careful consideration to each individual product, its performance and price bracket, and truly feel that spending your hard earned money on products such as these are a dime well spent!

Here are a few reasons why I simply adore the line and why you should hop over to their site right now:

  1. INGREDIENTS: Not only can you pronounce everything on the label (How often can you say that?!) but all of the ingredients are locally sourced, organic and crystal infused for that extra little kick of positive vibes. ❤
  2. PRICE: The price mark is fair and you get what you pay for. Or in other words, the product to prize ratio is fitting, and you aren’t paying for some facial serum you found at your local Dollar Tree. It performs, smells amazing and leaves you feeling satisfied w
    ith your purchase.
  3. GOOD CAUSES: Which leads me to my next point. Every time you reach for this product you know that a portion of your purchase will go directly their sister non-profit, The Edible Apartment. That means more fruits and veggies for the locals and a pat on the back for edible apartment.jpgyou. How many beauty companies nowadays run and fund (heh) a non-profit organization? Their are so many people right now living in food deserts without access to fresh produce and if every company took a step like this we would all be stepping over tomatoes and basil. 🙂
  4. CUSTOMER SERVICE: The owner, Jill Volat, who I was lucky enough to meet at BeautCon LA, is diligent in responding to any issues with her products and engages with her customers on social media. When I pointed out in my video a small issue with labeling she was quick to respond to the problem and has since fixed it. The issue being labeling Vegan and Non-Vegan products. Needless to say, she is a remarkable woman who runs both companies and hebas a clear vision of what green beauty is supposed to be. #goals
  5. PERFORMANCE: Last but certainly not least, the products themselves are worth this entire article. I have noticed a significant change in the way my skin feels after using the amazing Glam Jam. My once dry cracked heels soak it up like sponge and my feet have never been happier. My lips are hydrated, less cracked and supple even after a long day of the most drying liquid lipstick! The LOVE potion leaves my under eye area feeling rejuvenated and my hair look radiant. And the Sugar Scrub, which they are bringing back to their site soon, has pushed me to realize the importance of removing dead skin in a natural way. Can you tell I’m in love?

🌹If you are in the market for some earth loving, crystal infused and cruelty-free skincare I highly recommend this brand. With the holidays coming up why not indulge in some awesome self-care goodies! I would like to thank Jill for allowing me the humbling experience of reviewing her product and in responding to my issues in a prompt, professional manner. Also, thank you for what you accomplish with both of these amazing companies and for setting an example I hope to see many follow. 🌹

👇Watch me review the product live: 👇

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