🎓What to do after college…🎓


Look at me world! Heh heh

As some of you may know, I have graduated from college this past summer. While I cannot be more proud of myself for the journey I have completed, I find myself searching to find my next mountain to climb. And some of you may be able to relate or your thinking this crazy woman doesn’t want to rest?!

Truth is…I don’t. I want to live, experience life to the best of my ability and use my skills to better the lives of others around me. While I do want to find employment, I am finding that to be trying as my daughter requires a huge majority of my time. So for now, I figure I can post these small messages of encouragement with the hopes that they will reach at least one person in this vast universe that we call the internet. I know, so insightful right?!

Here are a 5 things that you can do after college to either help with a job search or simply just live after you have completed the one thing the whole world has told you to do since you were able to say mama and dada…

  1. Attend a job fair and/or a resume workshop: Each of these is a way to see what’s out there and to figure out where you can best utilize your skills. Your resume is your first impression with a potential employer and needs to be flawless. You wouldn’t want to meet your in-laws looking like you live under a bridge so treat your resume the same. Check with your school about resume workshops and job fairs because 9 times out of 10 they’re free and on campus. Attending job fairs or expos are also excellent ways to meet future employers face to face, tell them what you are all about and to better understand the product/company you wish to work for. Plus, it’s always fun to meet new people!
  2.  Take time to consider furthering your education: Does your future career path require further education such as a Masters or a Credential? Or are you not done learning yet? In my case, I am still unsure about what direction I am headed but if that’s a path I decide to go down I’ll evaluate the costs, time and benefits of the program. Hint. Hint.
  3. Start a new project: With YouTube and Instagram becoming a part of people’s everyday lives it has become easier for businesses to connect directly with their targeted audience. Have you ever wanted to make videos, create content, write a blog or simply be creative? This day and age could not be a better time to do so! Not to mention if you become popular there is a chance to make a career out of a hobby and to even..wait for it..be PAID for it! #winning
  4. Get a part-time job to fill the void: I know people think as soon as you graduate you simply must go out and get a job that pays salary but who are they to talk? Did they just go through their last round of finals only to wonder if they chose A instead of C and marked it correctly on the scantron?! Did they possibly write the 20 page paper on the hidden feminist symbolism in Heart of Darkness?! No! So quit thinking about what everyone else says is “right” and do what makes you happy. Having part-time work will put some cash into your wallet and let you experience what you like and may not be too fond of.
  5. Go easy on yourself: Getting a job and starting your life seem like musts now that you have graduated but remember that you are only one person! You went to school so that you could work in a field that you love so do just that! Look for careers that offer growth, stimulate your senses and constantly push your boundaries. These are the kind that will keep happiness a constant in your life!

😁*Bonus* Websites like linkedin, monster, indeed, and even craigslist are good places to search for careers as well as connect with employers! 😁

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